Rob Rinaldi

Rob Rinaldi became interested in photography at the age of ten after pouring through a Walker Evans book of photographs at his uncle’s house. From that moment, he knew his life’s passion. Rob has had a dual career in photography; fine art and commercial work. His studies took him to the Maine Photographic Workshop to study with Craig Stevens and Duane Michals. He received his undergraduate fine arts degree from the University of New York at Purchase and studied there extensively with Jan Groover, Jed Devine and John Cohn. Rob went on to the Maryland Institute College of Art to get a Master’s degree in fine art and photography and studied with Bill Larson, Jack Wilgus and attended special classes with William Wegman and Matt Mahurin.

After graduate school, Rob moved to southern Connecticut where he worked for photographers Scott Miles, Fred Collins, Karen Heerlein and Allen Green involving himself with all aspects of a commercial studio from set design and location scouting to custom model making and production.

Today, living in Vermont, Rob continues his passion for fine art photography. Though his interests remain similar to the ten-year-old boy flipping through that Walker Evans book, his list of influential artists and photographers paints a much broader swath including Joel-Peter Witkin’s nightmares, Peter Goins’ stark landscapes, Jonathan Borofsky’s story/drawings, Stephen Shores elegant juxtapositions, Gustave Le Gray’s 19th century seascapes and Richard Misrach’s sky images.

Rob’s current work often focuses on the “indecisive moment.” That time, place, or object that seems so common, that can easily be overlooked. By dedicating and distilling the ordinary, Rob attempts to take the banal and raise it up to allow for keener observation. Like an alchemist turning lead to gold, the common, lowly, ugly or un-admired often becomes a canyon of curiosity.

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