Frank Rapp

A graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, Frank received his first camera when he was fifteen. He regards the urban photographers of the New York advertising community such as Richard Avedon and Hiro as the stronger visual influences for him as well as the pop art of Andy Warhol. He also remembers the billboards and posters that he would see along the way as he rode the train from his Westchester home into Grand Central station, where the giant Kodak murals lived.

Since 1984 Frank Rapp has operated a commercial photography studio based in Boston. He is recognized for his advertising, editorial and fine art photography. Frank’s clients include Apple Computer, Dooney & Bourke, Polaroid Corporation, Plasticos Foundation, Rolling Stone Magazine, Sylvania and VARBusiness. Prior to opening his own studio, Frank attended the Art Institute of Boston.

In March of 2003 he traveled to Brazil to document the efforts of the Plasticos Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing free plastic surgery to needy children in developing countries. In May of 2004 he traveled the USA with a group from the UK who started “Extreme Ironing”, a zany offbeat activity done in the great outdoors ( He also donates his photography to the “Floorlords” an urban hip-hop dance troupe based in Boston that provides a fun and safe environment for city kids to perform.

Throughout his commercial career, Frank has continued to work on personal photography projects. During the past six years he has assembled a body of large format “pinhole camera” landscape photographs, from which this PDF portfolio has been made. He currently lives with his family outside of Boston.

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