Sayzie Carr

"My work in textiles, and printmaking has focused mainly on explorations of many forms of things that grow from the earth. I am fascinated by photosynthesis, and all forms of vegetation. Nature and the cycles of the seasons are inspiring. What is seemingly very gentle can also be very powerful. Blades of grass find their way to grow through pavement and taproots of trees grow through crevasses in bedrock.

My process of painting is intuitive. I usually do not plan it out when I begin a work, but I do have had an impulse of something very specific that I want to explore. My work comes from an innate urge to create and communicate about our collective experience of life. My paintings are inspired by nature and it’s incredible diversity. They are a reflection of and a reverie of the stunning beauty I see in the natural world.  Many of my paintings are about my fascination of trees, and the characteristics they embody. In each work I explore my passion for color in composition. The paintings are to be seen on an ongoing basis, because they are a dialogue with the observer.

I create my works in series. My most recent works are the “Seed” paintings on paper. To me the seeds are a metaphor for potential of what something can and will become. The evolution my work is a simplification and a synthesis. I am interested in the relationship of new patterns that form in the interaction of layers painted one on top of the other." March, 2014

2012 - Rhode Island School of Design, Master of Arts in Teaching (Art and Design)
2000 - 2001 - Art Students League, NewYork City
1976 - Rhode Island School of Design , BFA, Painting
1973 - 1974 - Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland

1982 - The MacDowell Colony
1982 - The Edna St. Vincent Millay Foundation

2009 - The Oliver Wolcott Library, Litchfield, CT
2007 - Thornton Oaks Gallery, Brunswick, ME
2007 - Argazzi Art, Lakeville, CT
2002 - 1980 Painting Space 122 Open Studios, NYC
1994 - Art Works Space, London, England
1991 - Helio Gallery, NYC
1986 - PMW Gallery, Stamford, CT

Chase Manhattan Bank
The Glasgow Museum of Transportation, Scotland
The Colonie Insurance Company

1990 - People Magazine – Design of the ‘90’s
1989 - The New York Times – Home Section

1989 - 2011 Sayzie Carr Design, New York City
Clients: Jack Lenor Larsen, Bernhardt Textiles, Bergamo Fabrics, ZR, Pollack and Assoc., Citicorp, Wave Hill, Randolph and Hine, The Rainbow Room, IDC/NY, Bryant Park Grill, The Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation, Central Park Zoo, Veuve Cliquot, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, DC Comics, Gannett, Lutece, House and Garden Magazine, Ice Theatre of New York, MTV, & Palazetti

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